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Neregelia Trading LTD was founded on June 20, 1998, in Limassol, Cyprus. The company mainly deals in commerce and services.

At the end of 1990s, we started selling a part of the multinational Procter&Gamble’s product portfolio. Today the cooperation is carried out directly through companies owned by Neregelia.

We also had successful cooperation with the multinational SSL, providing support in sales and marketing of the products in their portfolio to our companies.

Through its companies, Neregelia Trading LTD is present in Cyprus and the Western Balkans, and it has subsidiaries in the African continent, Angola, Zamia, and Mozambique.

We provide assistance in marketing, consulting, organizational, and market research services, as well as other services in our scope of business.


Neregelia Trading Limited is the founder of the following companies:

Nelt Co Doo

Nelt Co. is leader in distribution and logistics services in Western Balkans. It employs nearly 2000 people and is currently working with the following principals: Procter & Gamble, Wrigley, Mondelez, Dr. Oetker, Neoplanta, Reckit Benkiser, Panacea, Sebapharm, and others.

Nelt Co Doo, Belgrade, Serbia

Neregelia D.O.O

Neregelia is leader in distribution and logistics services in Montenegro. It employs 186 people and is currently working with the following principals: Procter&Gamble, Kraft, Wrigley, Neoplanta, Vitalia, Philip Morris, Sebapharm and SC Johnson.

Neregelia D.O.O, Podgorica, Montenegro

Nelt ST

Nelt ST is leader in distribution and logistics services in Macedonia. It employs 220 people and is currently working with the following principals: Today, Nelt ST works with the following principals: Procter&Gamble, Mondelez, Neoplanta, Mama's, SC Johnson, Jaffa Crvenka, Dr. Oetker, BIC, Hipp.

Nelt ST, Macedonia

Nelt Log DOOEL

Nelt Log DOOEL


Nelt Log DOOEL, Macedonia

Nelt Line DOOEL

Nelt Line DOOEL


Nelt Line DOOEL, Macedonia

Nelt D.O.O

Nelt d.o.o is leader in distribution and logistics services in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It employs nearly 250 people and is currently working with the following principals: Arla, , Bambi, Mondelez, Neoplanta, BIC, Philips, Japan Tobacco International, Fabrike Duhana Sarajevo, SC Johnson.

Nelt D.O.O, Bosnia and Herzegovina


Montenomaks C&L is one of the leaders in logistics and forwarding in Montenegro. The company was established in 1999 and has been continually developing since. 

Today, Montenomaks C&L provides full logistic support: from the transportation, customs clearance, warehousing, goods handling, to distribution to end users – a team of over a 140 responsible and competent people within 12 branch offices in Montenegro, successfully solve all tasks.

Montenomax, Podgorica, Montenegro

Nelt L.L.C.

Nelt L.L.C. Company is one of Kosova's leading trade & merchandising companies dealing with stock exchange commodities. ‘Nelt L.L.C.’ is privately owned company founded in 1993 in Prishtina with a general purpose to supply the domestic and regional markets with essential food commodities of first-class quality. The company is dynamically growing year by year, establishing itself as one of the leaders in Kosova’s food market.

Nelt L.L.C. Lipjan, Kosovo

Nelo Energy Doo

Nelo Energy Doo


Nelo Energy Doo

All Balcans Corporation

Established in 1995, AlbanCorp Group is one of the leading consumer goods distribution companies in the Republic of Albania, associated throughout its history with globally recognized & high quality consumer brands that makes widely available to its customers and consumers. AlbanCorp Group owns and manages a group of buildings in the center of the capital Tirana, for warehouse use of approximately 8,000 m2 size.

All Balcans Corporation

About Companies

Our companies are business leaders in their countries; they provide first-rate services in distribution, logistics, marketing, and retail, demonstrating maximum efficiency and effectiveness in business.

Their partners are big multinational corporations whose years of international experience and know-how combined with our expertise bring shared success and profit growth year after year.

Nelt Co Serbia is the founder/owner of the following companies:


Javna Skladista Subotica, Serbia


Neoplanta Novi Sad, Serbia


Banim reklame


Tako Lako Shop


Nelt Angola LDA


Nelt Zambia LLC


Nelt Mozambique


Neoplanta Zajedno


Čenej Agrar d.o.o

Neoplanta, Novi Sad, Serbia is the owner of:


Neoplanta Zajedno

Neoplanta Zajedno is the owner of:


Čenej agrar d.o.o

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